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A place to come and learn about how the body works and how your food and lifestyle choices affect your ability to feel great and live to your highest potential. The human body is an amazing system constantly working to be in a state of optimal health. Giving ourselves more of what the body requires and less of what harms it allows us to spend more time in that optimal state and less time feeling lousy. The body responds to the environment it is placed in. So by changing the environment you can take back control of the system and enjoy life as it is meant to be experienced.

Here are some of the common health concerns we can help you with:

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• How do I lower my cholesterol?

• Will eating fat make me fat?
• Are butter, egg yolks and red meat bad for me?

• Vegetable oils are polyunsaturated fats, so are they healthy right?

• Is cooking with olive oil healthy?

• I don’t have a gall bladder, can I eat fat?
• How can I sleep better at night?

• What can I do to thicken my hair?

• Bacon is on the paleo diet, is it ok to eat?

• I am having trouble getting pregnant what can I do?

• What do I put in my children’s school lunches?
• Can I get everything my body needs from plant foods?
• Are kale shakes good for you?
• Do I need calcium supplements to help my brittle bones?

• Should I be drinking something when I eat?

• How can I clear up my skin?

• How can I lose weight?

• Should I be drinking a glass of wine everyday?
• Is there anything I can do to help my frequent migraines?
• How can I get more energy?
• How can I stop my cravings?

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