Every Day NutritionIf I had one word to guide my search for a happy & healthy life it would be simplicity. Ask anyone over the age of 60 what the most important things in life are to them and you will rarely hear them answer with anything other than their family, a few close friends, being healthy & robust, and time. Now take a moment to watch a child in play. See how happy they are for they have the basics: energy, time, family & friends, discovery, and imagination.

Is there a common thread between children & our elders? I see it being that neither are slaves to their ego. Children have yet to create one and our elders have become wise enough to let theirs go. Ego is what drives us into a life of anxiety and unrest. It wipes out inspiration and pushes people into a life of quiet desperation.

3We as a society are plagued with decision fatigue. Think about it we now have 200+ TV channels, 50 more music stations, a 24 hour internet that never sleeps, endless fashion choices, a 6 month turnover on the latest and greatest technological gadget, and over 50,000 items in the average grocery store. The advertising departments of every major retail market talks directly to our ego with the promise of life long happiness in return for purchasing their product.

It is impossible to keep up what our ego expects of us and so a sense of inadequacy sets in and we begin to self medicate with crutches like TV shows more dramatic and dangerous than our own lives, nutrient poor comfort food, over working, over exercising, over spending, drinking, and getting high.

1I find it ironic that the last 100 years of invention in the name of progress and making things easier has gone full circle and now threatens our ability to live a life even half as full and rewarding as people who lived even before modern times. I do not oppose technology I actually embrace it and feel if used correctly it can help to simplify our lives. We just need to reduce our speed to a walking pace, ground ourselves in the present moment and make mind full choices focused on a healthy lifestyle.

Live the life of a child with the wisdom of your elders and you will get the most out of your life Every Day.

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